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One of the biggest differneces between Wenzel's Automotive and any other automotive shop is our Technicians! Our Technicians are the best of the best, with over 85 years of experience between them, they can tackle any problem thrown at them, from advanced computer diagnostics, engine overhauls, brakes, suspension, tires and more! We are constantly sending our Technicians to advanced training classes to keep them up to date with even the most advanced vehicles!

Kevin - ASE Certified Technician

Our top dog, our leader, the go to guy, and of course the owner! With over 40 years of experience, Kevin has worked on almost every car to ever touch the pavement. Hes been there, done that, and then some. Whether ya need a new engine, have a check engine light on, or maybe just hear a funny noise, you can be sure that Kevin will make sure your vehicle leaves the shop in tip-top shape! When he's not fixing cars, you can find Kevin behind the grill cookin' his world famous wings, steaks, or just about any meat that will fit on the grill, and spending time with his 2 children Kyle and Kelly and his wife Moe.

Kyle - Master ASE Certified Technician w/ L1

Kyle has been helping out in the shop since he could walk, much like his dad Kevin. Kyle attended Wyoming Technical Institute (WyoTech) and having graduated at the top of his class was accepted into the prestigious BMW S.T.E.P. Program. Upon completing the program, Kyle had earned every BMW Certification offered. Kyle worked at a top "Center of Excellence" BMW Dealership in Virginia Beach before moving back to manage our Winthrop Harbor location, where he continued his education earning his ASE Master Technician certification plus ASE's L1 Advanced Level Specialist Certification! When he's not at the shop, Kyle spends his time with his fiance Jennifer, their dog Bella, traveling and camping.

Fernando - ASE Certified Technician

Fernando has been with us for about 10 years now. With his 20 years of experience, he brings a great deal of knowledge to the team. Fernando is an expert in engine repair, vehicle maintenance and is no stranger to computer diagnostics. On the weekends, Fernando enjoys spending time with his family, camping with his 2 boys in boyscouts and working on his vintage Mustang.

Rich - Certified Technician

Rich is the newest addition to our team and has quickly proven himself as a great team member! Rich brings over 14 years experience to the shop, and is always making sure your vehicle leaves our shop ready for anything you throw at it! Brakes, suspension, alignments or tune-ups, you can trust that your vehicle is in very knowledgable hands! On his days off, Rich enjoys working on race cars, playing with his huge Great Danes, and spending time with family.

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